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  • High-quality components
  • Products carefully tested
  • Five-year warranty
  • Lock security system
  • Easy installation
  • Spanish design
  • Fast cleaning


42″ x 31,5″ x 1,4″
CM W x H x D
100x 80 x 3,5cm


  • Mirror: high-quality glass, polished edge
  • Frame: high-quality anodized aluminum


  • Average life: 35,000 hours
  • Power – Mirror: 24W / Defogger: 36W
  • Color temperature – Mirror: 5700ºK
  • Lumens: 3360 lms




For receiving our catalog please writte to: marketing@speho.com

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DANA is adapted to the needs of each project coming in different options such as personalisation with your trademark, as well as an anti-steam system for the illuminated mirror to be seen perfectly.

DANA is the perfect complement for the bathroom, since the decorative value of the product should be stressed, quite apart from the functional aspects provided by its spectacular light quality. Alice Twin Side will turn your bathroom into somewhere different, making the decoration of your suite elegant and sophisticated. Guests increasingly value their level of comfort in the bathroom when they give their opinions on the suite as a whole. And the mirror is a very important feature of the bathroom, since this is where we see ourselves reflected and where we do things like putting on makeup, shaving or simply where the clients look at themselves before leaving the room.
This angle, with the light emerging from both sides of the mirror towards the user, is actually the one recommended by professional make-up artists, as this sheds an even light on the entire face and means the whole face can be made up perfectly.
This product has SCREEN Light technology. This is an innovative lighting system able to give the user the maximum amount of light and visual comfort.

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