We are aware that each project is unique in terms of size, character and style, so we develop products that are capable of reflecting the essence of each brand, while adapting themselves perfectly to the surrounding ambience. This task is performed by our customization service, which focuses its attention on various aspects of MIRROR + LIGHTING + FUNCTION to offer each one of them options that perfectly match the needs of each space.



icon-size Size Capability to customize size to mach our clients needs.
icon_sp_-10 Design We adapt the mirror design to your identity.


icon_sp_-05 Defogger Keep your mirror clear and steam-free, with our integrated feature.
icon_sp_-06 Magnifying Take a closer look, observe every detail and enlarge what you see to help you accomplish the tasks that require a close-up view.


icon_sp_-07 LED Backlight Ambiental lighting makes your bathroom space more comfortable.
icon_sp_-09 LED Lamp Stylish SPEHO LED lamps create the perfect amount of light to enhance any bathroom space.
icon_sp_-08  Integrated LED This efficient illumination produces more brightness and consumes less energy.