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Speho is a brand of EBIR, a company with a history of more than 25 years of experience manufacturing bathroom lighting, being leaders in the European market. We are a supplier of the main hotel chains.

We also offer the advantage that, as a manufacturer, we can design and develop customized and personalized products, adapting to the specific needs of the concept of the space.

The product we manufacture is very specialized, and hence our degree of knowledge of it.

Made in

The concept of this firm was born in the USA in 2015, with the aim of bringing high added value to a new market. We are currently developing our projects mainly in Europe, where the brand is now headquartered

We are specialists in the design and manufacture of illuminated mirrors for hospitality projects.

Our products

To create our mirrors, we combine emotional impact, materiality and the aesthetic concept of top of the range decorative accessories with the high performance lighting capability of LED.

Thanks to this technology, all SPEHO’s products are highly functional tools, and a fundamental centrepiece around which the design of your bathrooms, living rooms, corridors and commercial areas can be planned, where light plays a fundamental role.

Our mirrors, developed through strong synergy between an industrial design approach, craftsmanship and a high level of product customisation, are designed as a primary lighting source in each room. Made in Spain

25 years of

Technology applied to design

SPEHO strives to offer tailor-made illuminated mirrors featuring the latest technology and electronics for any area, whether in homes or in retail or catering establishment hospitality projects.

Technology has evolved drastically, and has integrated even more as a significant part of our daily lives. Consequently, SPEHO has also evolved in line with it. Instead of narrowing the gap between design and technology, at SPEHO we have concentrated on eliminating it altogether, to find perfect harmony between both aspects in each product and project so that people can make the most of each space they are in.

Official provider
to NH Hotels

Guarantee and trust

All our mirrors are certified to the very highest standards of quality and safety. We have such firm belief in the quality of our mirrors that they all have a 5-year warranty. Moreover, we provide our customers with a professional Customer Support service.


Facilities and Team

Our manufacturing, storage and distribution facilities are located in Valencia, Spain and Zhongshan, China.

The company has, at an international level, more than 250 employees highly specialized in lighting.

2 factories and +25.000 m2 facilities where an important space is dedicated to the innovation and design of new proposals, testing laboratories with real users and the different product quality tests.

Commitment to Sustainability

Firmly committed to sustainability, in all our mirrors we take advantage of the energy savings that LED technology entails, with the aim of making it more efficient every day; and we are constantly working to incorporate more recyclable and replaceable components into our products, and to deliver them to our customers in more sustainable packaging.