A great welcome at MADERALIA to our illuminated mirrors for interior design spaces

We have just said goodbye to MADERALIA 2022 and we would like to thank all the professionals in the sector for their support  and for coming to our stand to take an interest in our products. It was the first time we participated in this important trade fair and we are very satisfied with the wonderful reception that our illuminated mirrors for interior design spaces received. 

We are also very proud to have been able to share space in TAILOR{H}OTEL by estudiHac alongside great companies  with whom we participated in the recreation of a design hotel.Without a doubt, this goes to show that the combination of innovationtrend  and design  is key to the guest taking away the best possible impression of a  hotel. Because an illuminated mirror, in addition to being trendy and offering  luminosity, enhances the  user’s experience. 

With this in mind, we wanted to bring our illuminated mirrors to MADERALIA, to inspire all professionals so that they can create completely different interior design spaces, as these mirrors provide the environment a distinctive touch and a feeling of greater breadth and depth. In fact, at SPEHO we have already decorated more than 15,000 rooms for the main hotel chains throughout Europe. 

As SPEHO’s commercial director Marcos De Nutte points out, “At SPEHO we not only design and manufacture illuminated mirrors, but we also link experiences by providing them with features that increase user satisfaction. Always in line with an aesthetic approach, capable of creating a highly positive impact”.In his opinion, “the illuminated mirror, as well as being trendy and offering luminosity, adds a distinctive touch and the sensation of wider and deeper spaces to the environment, while improving the guest’s experience during their stay, which is very important for hotels”.

Lastly, the company would also like to thank the entire SPEHO team for their involvement and FERIA VALENCIA for their wholehearted collaboration.  

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