SPEHO’s contemporary design, present in ‘Spain Bath’

This coming Thursday, 2nd December, we will be present at the ‘Spain Bath’ event, organised by ICEX (Spain Export and Investment) and to be held at the Cervantes Institute in Frankfurt, with the aim of promoting Spanish interior design among German architects.

SPEHO is very proud to be one of the seven Spanish companies that will participate in this initiative, as we will be able to show our designs and our products to the approximately 100 architects, distributors and specialised journalists who are expected to attend.

The event will take the form of a seminar/exhibition and will bring together companies from the ceramic floor and wall tile, bathroom, furniture and lighting sectors.In addition, the architects Birgit Hansen and José Ramón Tramoyeres will give a talk on Spanish design.

Spain Bath’ celebrates modern interior design, which thrives on innovation, design and sustainability, and provides a forum to be inspired by a variety of design examples to experience contemporary Spanish architecture and design.

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Round mirrors: dynamic and versatile

Classic styles never go out of fashion. Far from thinking that a classic style can be boring, there is a clear example that disproves this mistaken belief: circular mirrors for the bathroom. Their rounded shapes give them unrivalled versatility. This is backed up by the latest trends in bathroom decoration, which favour circular mirrors for their ability to provide dynamism. These style trends that defend circular shapes for bathroom mirrors also highlight their powerful decorative impact, capable of creating spectacular rooms.

A sample are the spaces of the hotels Hilton Curio and Moxy (Marriot), which have chosen circular SPEHO models.

In the case of the Hilton Curio Hotel, they have chosen to decorate The Trafalgar St. James 5-star hotel in London with two SPEHO models. To this end, they have commissioned 150 super personalized units with a very different touch. In the bathroom, they have opted for a mirror with a black metal frame, matching the shower screen and the rest of the decor. Whilst for the living area, a chic mirror has been chosen, supported by a metal pole and situated on a very functional desk, which also doubles as a dressing table and work area.

MARRIOTT INTERNATIONAL has chosen the UMA STRAP model for its MOXY hotels throughout Europe. The personalized round mirrors, with front light, leather border decoration and metal hanger, have been combined with the decoration and style of the rest of the room. We can see this new and exclusive mirror in MOXY Brussels City Center 4*, Moxy Essen City in Germany, or Moxy Chester and Moxy Edinburgh Fountainbridge in UK.

Personalization is the key to achieving the desired effect. At SPEHO we are specialists in creating any design and bringing to life any shape and finish you can imagine. Our tool is inspiration and our product is reality.

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espejos orgánicos

Organic inspiration

If imagining what your ideal mirror would look like has left you thinking you could never make it a reality, you’re wrong! SPEHO is the answer, as we can design and manufacture almost anything your imagination might conjure up; for example, our personalised mirrors with fluid lines and ambient light, suitable for any project, which also further the trend of bathrooms becoming both contemporary and functional spaces.

SPEHO organic mirrors are the key to your inspiration; not only for bathrooms, but for any other space you have in mind. They provide a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere, which has proved to be quite the trend in the sector, whilst at the same time as affording a natural ambience not to be dispensed with. And, of course, without forgoing the use of technology, such as anti-fogging systems or touch sensors, or even the inclusion of a laser-engraved backlit logo.

These are mirrors that can also incorporate a decorative painted border in a colour to be combined with the rest of the decorative elements in any room. They are particularly suitable for bathroom installation, thanks to their IP44 rating, which protects them against sprays of water in and around areas such as the washbasin.

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Success at Boutique Design New York

We are very happy with the response that SPEHO received at Boutique Design New York, as well as one of our most daring ideas at the fair.

Object of desire, Desk has opened up a new path for those wanting to surprise, to innovate and to bring designs into every detail.

We keep working to exeed expectations.



See you at BDNY

Boutique Design New York is opening its doors to display the latest trends in the world of design. A golden opportunity to rediscover brands, designers and interior decorators who are breaking new ground in style and design for the year to come.

At SPEHO we wish to show you exclusive, vibrant proposals for integrated mirror lighting. Products that have been conceived to offer your customers highly practical and comfortable bathroom solutions.  

We hope you will come and visit us at booth 1133, where a specialist in our Hospitality projects will inform you how we can meet your particular needs and offer you SPEHO’s personalized attention and customer services.



Optimism after presence at HISPEC


This past month of June SPEHO travelled to Italy, the country chosen to host this year’s edition of HISPEC, the annual hospitality sector event.

For the second consecutive year, SPEHO used the occasion to renew contacts with key buyers from the world’s most important organisations in the hotel and catering industry.

We are pleased and proud to report the warm reception received by these buyers, with whom negotiations are already under way regarding projects that are set to be announced over the coming year.

SPEHO at Philadelphia Home Show

Thanks to everyone who came out to visit us at the Philadelphia Home Show this past weekend! If you were unable to make it, we will be at the Home Show this weekend,  January 23-25. Stop by booth 808 and SEE YOURSELF IN A WHOLE NEW LIGHT!


Experience. Passion. Innovation. SPEHO’s European-designed Illuminated Mirrors are the perfect combination of style, innovation and functionality. Featuring integrated LED, built in Bluetooth, and defoggers. Whether you’re a homeowner, or an interior designer, you don’t want to miss our stunning illuminated mirrors!

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Our participation in the 2014 New York ICFF was a huge success

Thank you for helping to make our participation in the New York International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) such a success.

Many visitors delete came to experience this cutting-edge concept, the next step in the evolution of the illuminated mirror exclusively intended for the U.S. market.
The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive, and among the many accolades and compliments the illuminated mirror products generated, we also received coverage from several media outlets and  distinctly recognized with a Magazine Likes award.