Discover the Niza collection, a design that invites you to immerse yourself in a haven of serenity

One of the great developments of the new SPEHO catalogue is the NIZA collection, a customisable model capable of creating unique spaces.

The Niza mirror offers an original backing, which collects and projects the light frontally, with perimeter lighting that creates a halo of light. The collection generates a serene and welcoming atmosphere that gives rise to rooms to be enjoyed.

Its polyurethane frame offers the possibility of combining different tones on the internal and external side, giving rise to a very versatile model that offers six different combinations of finishes. And furthermore, you can integrate two types of design for the glass: a floating glass with which to add aesthetic charm or a sandblasted glass which provides a greater sensation of luminosity.

NIZA collection, a model where design merges with emotion and each tone tells a unique and special story.

Discover the NIZA collection by SPEHO:

New SPEHO Catalogue

At SPEHO we launched our new catalogue where we show off new features and innovations and reveal the latest models that we have designed for this season. Through these pages we seek to fuel creativity to promote the creation of custom designs that adapt to the concept of space and combine perfectly with the style and elements of each individual project.

This new catalogue we present is a commitment to aesthetics, quality and functionality in which we highlight two very unique and customisable new developments: the Niza and Ivy collections.

Also, the new series of the Leslie and Sandra collections, with redefined forms of lighting to captivate the most detail-oriented souls. 

Niza and Ivy: two very unique and customisable new developments

Niza is characterised in this new catalogue by its back which gathers and projects light frontally with perimeter lighting that creates a halo of light. In addition, its polyurethane frame offers the possibility of combining different tones on the internal and external facing and allows for the integration of slightly raised-mirror effect, which gives it a high decorative value.

The Ivy collection stands out for its customisable design. What sets it apart is that different shapes of light can be drawn on the glass, independent of the shape of the mirror. IVY is a tailor-made design offering high quality lighting, perfect for precision tasks.

New series of the Leslie and Sandra collections, proposed to provide a redefined lighting effect

Along with them, we also want to empathise the new series of the Leslie and Sandra collections, with redefined forms of lighting to captivate the most detail-oriented souls.

The Leslie collection is made up of rectangular mirrors with a decorative aluminium frame available in both matte black and matte aluminium finishes. In addition, you can customise an ideal model for bathrooms thanks to the light functionality it offers and also available with additional ambient lighting.

The Sandra collection stands out for its mirrors with a metal frame and perimeter sandblasting that you can choose in two versions, internal or on the edge sandblasting, and a variety of organic shapes. That is why they are ideal designs for bathrooms, beauty corners or dressing rooms, that is to say, spaces where you can create an environment with personality in which you can also carry out precision tasks.

Its pages are a source of inspiration, innovation and personalisation that we make available to everyone so that you can immerse yourself in it and fuel your creativity.

Discover the new SPEHO catalogue:

User Center, a new informational platform that improves our post-sales service

The SPEHO website has a new section: User Center, an informational platform with access to documents and tutorials created to answer any questions that may arise after purchasing our products. It is a comfortable and easy-to-use interface, which provides access to all information regarding the use and maintenance, warranty, installation, functionality, recycling and repairability of our products.  In this way, we at SPEHO ensure access to the information that is needed, when it is needed.In summary, the User Center includes resources loaded with clear answers and practical solutions that answer questions that may arise after purchasing the models.



SPEHO Projects: Meliá Jardines del Teide Hotel

At SPEHO we like challenges, which is why we enjoy being part of different and very diverse interior design projects. Projects that bring out our most innovative side.

Meliá Jardines del Teide Hotel

The modern essence of the Meliá Jardines del Teide Hotel, surrounded by the wild and captivating nature of the island of Tenerife, looked to project a new standard of luxury and comfort in its rooms.

A balance only possible to achieve if all the elements of the space were perfectly blended together. And to do this, they went for our Livia collection with its oval shape and black screen printing as one of the main elements.

Its borderless ambient lighting creates a “floating effect” on the wall that blends in perfectly with the space.  Find out more about this collection:

SPEHO brand launch in Asia

This 2023, our last stop has been Guangzhou Design Week, one of the most important design events in the Asian market and, therefore, an important meeting point worldwide.  With this event we are taking the SPEHO brand to Asia continuing with our expansion plan.

Thanks to the fact that we also have our own factory in China, we are able to provide direct service both in this country and on the entire Asian continent . Therefore, we at SPEHO have joined in with a range of exclusive designs and a selection of the latest collections so that visitors could discover them for the first time. And we are back with good news, as we signed a collaboration agreement with the “Canton construction and Design Association”.   

A perfect starting point to get to know the new trends that define oriental interior design and inspire with all that the style and customisation of our models can bring to this market. 



SPEHO will present collections designed to bring the interior design of the future to life at HIX

On 16th and 17th November, the Business Design Centre in London will host the new edition of Hotel Interiors Experience (HIX), an international fair that brings together the latest design trends from the best established and emerging brands in the hotel industry.

And from SPEHO, we will be present with a stand that will bring together a selection of our most captivating collections, a reflection of the new conception of mirrors for hotels that enhance any interior design project, taking it to an emotional level.

You can find us at Stand U43-44. SPEHO’s team of professionals will be waiting for you to exchange ideas and explore proposals.

What news will SPEHO bring at HIX?

There are several models we will illuminate the way to the future of hotel interior design with.  These include:

Niza, synonymous with versatility and elegance. It’s characterised by its back which gathers and projects light frontally with perimeter lighting that creates a halo of light. Its polyurethane frame offers the possibility of combining different shades on the inside and outside. In addition, it allows the integration of slightly raised glass, which is very decorative, as well as glass with a sandblasted finish, which provides a greater sensation of luminosity.

The Ivy collection stands out for its customisable design. What sets it apart is that different shapes of light can be drawn on the glass, independent of the shape of the mirror. IVY is a tailor-made design offering high quality lighting, perfect for precision tasks.

The Maya collection presents rectangular mirrors with a particular and sophisticated metal frame with integrated LED that visually creates different dimensions.

From toying with frame and light, a unique ambient lighting is produced, which gives harmony to every corner. They are ideal for bathrooms, halls and hallways, where the aim is to flood the environments with life and personality, a design available in different finishes.

Salma mirrors are a style statement thanks to their decorative metal frame and rounded corners. Added to this is frontal lighting through perimeter sandblasting which creates an enveloping essence that permeates the entire space.

The Livia collection is noteworthy for its screen-printed outline in customisable tones that visually replaces the traditional metal frame, giving it lightness in shape and weight.

This collection gracefully harmonises the set of decorative elements in the space.

In addition to these outstanding collections, SPEHO will also exhibit bevelled mirrors, suspension effect mirrors, magnifying mirrors with lighting and large-scale mirrors.

In summary, SPEHO presents its most recent catalogue at the HIX Fair, a coming together of inspiration, imagination and design. Because at SPEHO, all you have to do is share your ideas, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Join us at the HIX Fair and be inspired.

SPEHO will participate in Interihotel 2023 with new collections created to make the inspiring interior design of the future a reality

• This design event for hotels and restaurants will take place in Barcelona from 18th to 20th October at the Barcelona International Convention Centre (CCIB).

SPEHO, a specialist in the design and manufacturing of illuminated mirrors for projects, has announced its participation in the next edition of the Interihotel trade fair, which will be held in Barcelona from 18th to 20th October. This trade fair, which represents a key international meeting point for the sector, is aimed at interior designers and architects, hoteliers and restaurant owners as well as distributors and product brands amongst whom SPEHO will be present with its designs entirely manufactured in Spain and made to measure with the latest technology, making them a focal point around which to plan the design of any interior design project.

During the event, all visitors to the stand will be able to discover the transformative potential that the new SPEHO collections can have on their decorative proposals. The team will be available to share and listen to ideas and explore proposals that meet the specific needs of each project.
But, at this edition, in addition to being present as exhibitors, SPEHO’s Commercial Director, Marcos de Nutte, will participate in one of the talks organised during the event. Marcos will join leading architects, CEO’s and interior designers at the “Regenerative Hospitality” conferences. Together, they will explore how hospitality can evolve in a sustainable and regenerative way in an ever-changing world.
SPEHO is committed to leading the way in sustainable and functional design solutions for the industry. Under the motto of this year’s edition, “The journey of change”, the SPEHO stand will showcase new collections that are adapted to the near future of interior design.

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Direct Light Mirrors, functionality and visual comfort

Some of the tasks we perform in the bathroom, such as applying make-up or shaving, require lighting that provides precision and clarity and at the same time helps to create a stimulating and activating atmosphere.

This is why the lighting in these rooms should be chosen according to the needs and tasks to be carried out there. We are concerned both with the light and the style we give it in order to create a satisfying experience.

In order for you to find the right mirror that combines the perfect lighting and style for your project, SPEHO has introduced a wide range of direct lighting collections that can fit in perfectly with any space and project.

In these mirrors, the light is collected and projected head on towards the user, providing greater functional brightness. As a result of our specialisation and experience in the sector and thanks to our team of R&D professionals, our designs have the highest quality and efficiency on the market, which translates into homogeneous light that provides maximum visual comfort without glare or flicker.

At SPEHO, finding the perfect harmony between design and technology for different projects and spaces is a reality.

Discover the direct light mirror collections in the SPEHO catalogue:

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Qlick Install: the secrets of securely hanging a mirror with a “click”.

Offering practical solutions to our clients. This is something we’re always mindful of at SPEHO and that’s why day after day we strive to apply it to our products.

In this context, we’re launching one of our latest proposals in the illuminated mirror sector: Qlick Install, a revolutionary installation system which changes how mirrors are hung.

Knowing that the installation process can often be complicated and time consuming, we’ve set about working to promote and bring to market a solution. And so we come to Qlick Install, the result our commitment to research, innovation and hunting for details to offer products with cutting-edge technology in bathroom lighting.

The secret lies in its design. With a simple “click”, the mirror is firmly held in place, without the need for any other tools or procedures. What’s more, it’s the characteristic sound to reassure you that the mirror is properly and securely hung.

We are committed to providing a stress-free installation whilst giving you complete peace of mind. This is why Qlick Install offers a solution to simplify life for the user and improve their spaces.

Discover the future of mirror installation with Qlick Install.

Simplify, save time and enjoy flawless results!

HIX e Interihotel


The mirror is a product with a highly positive impact on spaces and at SPEHO we know that, beyond discovering them through the pages of our catalogue, it is of vital importance that you be able to feel them in person and that when you see them in person you imagine, dream and design your own ideas.

And to show off our collections, and for you to tell us what your ideas are, this year we will be present at two major fairs within the hotel sector: INTERIHOTEL AND HIX.

Interihotel will return to Barcelona from 18 to 20 October and we, at SPEHO, will once again be present at the event. After the pleasant experience we had last year in Madrid. From 18 to 20 October, we will be at the Barcelona International Convention Centre, the venue for this new edition.

And a month later, on 16 and 17 November, we will travel to London to exhibit at HIX, at London’s Business Design Centre. Being a benchmark in the world of UK hospitality.

If you come to our stands you will feel how inspiration comes to you thanks to some collections that do not leave you indifferent.