Round mirrors: dynamic and versatile

Classic styles never go out of fashion. Far from thinking that a classic style can be boring, there is a clear example that disproves this mistaken belief: circular mirrors for the bathroom. Their rounded shapes give them unrivalled versatility. This is backed up by the latest trends in bathroom decoration, which favour circular mirrors for their ability to provide dynamism. These style trends that defend circular shapes for bathroom mirrors also highlight their powerful decorative impact, capable of creating spectacular rooms.

A sample are the spaces of the hotels Hilton Curio and Moxy (Marriot), which have chosen circular SPEHO models.

In the case of the Hilton Curio Hotel, they have chosen to decorate The Trafalgar St. James 5-star hotel in London with two SPEHO models. To this end, they have commissioned 150 super personalized units with a very different touch. In the bathroom, they have opted for a mirror with a black metal frame, matching the shower screen and the rest of the decor. Whilst for the living area, a chic mirror has been chosen, supported by a metal pole and situated on a very functional desk, which also doubles as a dressing table and work area.

MARRIOTT INTERNATIONAL has chosen the UMA STRAP model for its MOXY hotels throughout Europe. The personalized round mirrors, with front light, leather border decoration and metal hanger, have been combined with the decoration and style of the rest of the room. We can see this new and exclusive mirror in MOXY Brussels City Center 4*, Moxy Essen City in Germany, or Moxy Chester and Moxy Edinburgh Fountainbridge in UK.

Personalization is the key to achieving the desired effect. At SPEHO we are specialists in creating any design and bringing to life any shape and finish you can imagine. Our tool is inspiration and our product is reality.

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