Direct Light Mirrors, functionality and visual comfort

Some of the tasks we perform in the bathroom, such as applying make-up or shaving, require lighting that provides precision and clarity and at the same time helps to create a stimulating and activating atmosphere.

This is why the lighting in these rooms should be chosen according to the needs and tasks to be carried out there. We are concerned both with the light and the style we give it in order to create a satisfying experience.

In order for you to find the right mirror that combines the perfect lighting and style for your project, SPEHO has introduced a wide range of direct lighting collections that can fit in perfectly with any space and project.

In these mirrors, the light is collected and projected head on towards the user, providing greater functional brightness. As a result of our specialisation and experience in the sector and thanks to our team of R&D professionals, our designs have the highest quality and efficiency on the market, which translates into homogeneous light that provides maximum visual comfort without glare or flicker.

At SPEHO, finding the perfect harmony between design and technology for different projects and spaces is a reality.

Discover the direct light mirror collections in the SPEHO catalogue:

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