Qlick Install: the secrets of securely hanging a mirror with a “click”.

Offering practical solutions to our clients. This is something we’re always mindful of at SPEHO and that’s why day after day we strive to apply it to our products.

In this context, we’re launching one of our latest proposals in the illuminated mirror sector: Qlick Install, a revolutionary installation system which changes how mirrors are hung.

Knowing that the installation process can often be complicated and time consuming, we’ve set about working to promote and bring to market a solution. And so we come to Qlick Install, the result our commitment to research, innovation and hunting for details to offer products with cutting-edge technology in bathroom lighting.

The secret lies in its design. With a simple “click”, the mirror is firmly held in place, without the need for any other tools or procedures. What’s more, it’s the characteristic sound to reassure you that the mirror is properly and securely hung.

We are committed to providing a stress-free installation whilst giving you complete peace of mind. This is why Qlick Install offers a solution to simplify life for the user and improve their spaces.

Discover the future of mirror installation with Qlick Install.

Simplify, save time and enjoy flawless results!