Samsung LEDs, the added value that illuminates our collections

At SPEHO we work to ensure that our designs always offer the best guarantee and quality on the market. It is part of our philosophy to ensure that, as well as being inspirational, our collections also bring added value that enhances the user experience.

That is why we integrate Samsung LEDs, the best LEDs on the market, into the lighting of our products.

And while the main reason is reliability, there are many other factors that we also consider when integrating these LEDs into our designs:

  • More of 35,000 hours of useful life: these LEDs are guaranteed to last for more than 35,000 hours without any loss of lighting quality.
  • Increased sustainability: the high lumen/watt efficiency they provide means that energy consumption is optimised.
  • Illumination of the natural colour of objects: its colour rendering index (CRI 90) means that we can ensure that the natural colour of objects is revealed.
  • Uniformity of lighting: we ensure that the LEDs are classified by criteria such as LED lumens or  colour temperature, so that the differences between the different diodes and the light are not aesthetically apparent and completely uniform.

Inspiration and quality go hand in hand in enriching the illumination of our mirrors with Samsung LEDs.