Qlick Install: the secrets of securely hanging a mirror with a “click”.

Offering practical solutions to our clients. This is something we’re always mindful of at SPEHO and that’s why day after day we strive to apply it to our products.

In this context, we’re launching one of our latest proposals in the illuminated mirror sector: Qlick Install, a revolutionary installation system which changes how mirrors are hung.

Knowing that the installation process can often be complicated and time consuming, we’ve set about working to promote and bring to market a solution. And so we come to Qlick Install, the result our commitment to research, innovation and hunting for details to offer products with cutting-edge technology in bathroom lighting.

The secret lies in its design. With a simple “click”, the mirror is firmly held in place, without the need for any other tools or procedures. What’s more, it’s the characteristic sound to reassure you that the mirror is properly and securely hung.

We are committed to providing a stress-free installation whilst giving you complete peace of mind. This is why Qlick Install offers a solution to simplify life for the user and improve their spaces.

Discover the future of mirror installation with Qlick Install.

Simplify, save time and enjoy flawless results!

HIX e Interihotel


The mirror is a product with a highly positive impact on spaces and at SPEHO we know that, beyond discovering them through the pages of our catalogue, it is of vital importance that you be able to feel them in person and that when you see them in person you imagine, dream and design your own ideas.

And to show off our collections, and for you to tell us what your ideas are, this year we will be present at two major fairs within the hotel sector: INTERIHOTEL AND HIX.

Interihotel will return to Barcelona from 18 to 20 October and we, at SPEHO, will once again be present at the event. After the pleasant experience we had last year in Madrid. From 18 to 20 October, we will be at the Barcelona International Convention Centre, the venue for this new edition.

And a month later, on 16 and 17 November, we will travel to London to exhibit at HIX, at London’s Business Design Centre. Being a benchmark in the world of UK hospitality.

If you come to our stands you will feel how inspiration comes to you thanks to some collections that do not leave you indifferent.

Nuevo Catálogo SPEHO

Design, create and get inspired with the new SPEHO catalogue

The new SPEHO Catalogue will help you find the mirror that adapts perfectly with the concept of space, a volume that will inspire you to imagine, dream and design. Because at SPEHO all you have to do is tell us what ideas you have in mind and we will take care of the rest. After more than 25 years of experience designing and manufacturing bathroom lighting, we can manufacture and develop customised products, very unique and perfectly adapted to the concept of each space.

In these pages that are intended to be an allegory of inspiration, you will find multiple shapes, different finishes and different types of lighting.

Mirrors with integrated lighting have a highly positive impact on spaces, since, in addition to providing luminosity, they can create an environment with personality and distinction, giving a feeling of spaciousness and depth.

That is why it is essential to find the right mirror for each room.  Designing, adapting and customising both its decorative features and its lighting functions to make the LED mirror a powerful tool capable of creating unique spaces and experiences that can reach our most emotional side while improving the user experience.

Get inspired just by viewing the collections presented at SPEHO and create your own design. Then tell us, what idea do you have in mind?


Samsung LEDs, the added value that illuminates our collections

At SPEHO we work to ensure that our designs always offer the best guarantee and quality on the market. It is part of our philosophy to ensure that, as well as being inspirational, our collections also bring added value that enhances the user experience.

That is why we integrate Samsung LEDs, the best LEDs on the market, into the lighting of our products.

And while the main reason is reliability, there are many other factors that we also consider when integrating these LEDs into our designs:

  • More of 35,000 hours of useful life: these LEDs are guaranteed to last for more than 35,000 hours without any loss of lighting quality.
  • Increased sustainability: the high lumen/watt efficiency they provide means that energy consumption is optimised.
  • Illumination of the natural colour of objects: its colour rendering index (CRI 90) means that we can ensure that the natural colour of objects is revealed.
  • Uniformity of lighting: we ensure that the LEDs are classified by criteria such as LED lumens or  colour temperature, so that the differences between the different diodes and the light are not aesthetically apparent and completely uniform.

Inspiration and quality go hand in hand in enriching the illumination of our mirrors with Samsung LEDs.

Mara: stylish and decorative backlit mirrors

At Speho we want you to have no limits when it comes to designing fantastic interiors. Nothing would make us happier than being a reflection of everything you want to show.

Therefore, the #Mara mirror collection is our bit of contribution to your works. With this range of mirrors, you can play with the floating effect it creates on the wall and its frameless indirect lighting, putting the icing on the cake to a splendid design of bathrooms or other interiors.

Different shapes for different projects, allowing you to choose between those shown as inspiration in our catalogue or customise your own to find the one that best suits your space, but all of them always crowned with a spectacular and elegant halo of light that will enhance the feeling of warmth and well-being in the room.

Simplicity and elegance at your disposal.

Mara Collection:


Sandra: romantic aroma with metallic finishes

Each time we elaborate and create a design, we do it with the goal of being your inspiration. Let your imagination flow through our products and make them the starting point for your creations.

And if what you are imagining is a space where a romantic aroma is awakened through metallic finishes, the #Sandra collection mirror is ideal for your project.

Available in different rounded shapes, Sandra gives spaces an organic and even romantic touch, in tune with the softer forms of nature.  In addition, it has direct perimeter illumination, the best way to see your face without any shadows.

The decorative sensations that Sandra awakens make it the ideal collection for bathrooms, beauty corners and dressing rooms.

Undoubtedly a decorative element with a high potential.



SPEHO is going to present a new concept for illuminated mirrors at MADERALIA

From 29th March to 1st April at FERIA VALENCIA

At SPEHO, we are taking advantage of our forthcoming attendance at MADERALIA to present a new concept for illuminated mirrors. SPEHO’s brand philosophy takes illuminated mirrors to a new dimension: reinventing the mirror.

At SPEHO we not only design and manufacture illuminated mirrors, but we also link experiences by providing them with features that increase user satisfaction. Always in line with an aesthetic approach, capable of creating a highly positive impact.

For this reason, we are bringing to Maderalia pieces that are characterized by their revamped shapes and sizes. Using natural materials, such as wood, and taking great care with the intensity and temperature of colour, for its high capacity to create differentiated spaces and experiences.

All this translates into mirrors with harmonious polygonal shapes, warm wooden frames, large pieces and, above all, the creation of lighting atmospheres capable of reaching our most emotional side.

Please do not hesitate in making an appointment or visit our stand.