Sandra: romantic aroma with metallic finishes

Each time we elaborate and create a design, we do it with the goal of being your inspiration. Let your imagination flow through our products and make them the starting point for your creations.

And if what you are imagining is a space where a romantic aroma is awakened through metallic finishes, the #Sandra collection mirror is ideal for your project.

Available in different rounded shapes, Sandra gives spaces an organic and even romantic touch, in tune with the softer forms of nature.  In addition, it has direct perimeter illumination, the best way to see your face without any shadows.

The decorative sensations that Sandra awakens make it the ideal collection for bathrooms, beauty corners and dressing rooms.

Undoubtedly a decorative element with a high potential.


SPEHO is going to present a new concept for illuminated mirrors at MADERALIA

From 29th March to 1st April at FERIA VALENCIA

At SPEHO, we are taking advantage of our forthcoming attendance at MADERALIA to present a new concept for illuminated mirrors. SPEHO’s brand philosophy takes illuminated mirrors to a new dimension: reinventing the mirror.

At SPEHO we not only design and manufacture illuminated mirrors, but we also link experiences by providing them with features that increase user satisfaction. Always in line with an aesthetic approach, capable of creating a highly positive impact.

For this reason, we are bringing to Maderalia pieces that are characterized by their revamped shapes and sizes. Using natural materials, such as wood, and taking great care with the intensity and temperature of colour, for its high capacity to create differentiated spaces and experiences.

All this translates into mirrors with harmonious polygonal shapes, warm wooden frames, large pieces and, above all, the creation of lighting atmospheres capable of reaching our most emotional side.

Please do not hesitate in making an appointment or visit our stand.