SPEHO Projects: Meliá Jardines del Teide Hotel

At SPEHO we like challenges, which is why we enjoy being part of different and very diverse interior design projects. Projects that bring out our most innovative side.

Meliá Jardines del Teide Hotel

The modern essence of the Meliá Jardines del Teide Hotel, surrounded by the wild and captivating nature of the island of Tenerife, looked to project a new standard of luxury and comfort in its rooms.

A balance only possible to achieve if all the elements of the space were perfectly blended together. And to do this, they went for our Livia collection with its oval shape and black screen printing as one of the main elements.

Its borderless ambient lighting creates a “floating effect” on the wall that blends in perfectly with the space.  Find out more about this collection: https://speho.com/downloads/collections/Livia.pdf